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meet the team

From the West to the East, from supply chain management to biotechnology, our team members come from diverse backgrounds of nations, cultures, majors, minors, and extracurricular involvement 

executive board
Claudia Lim - MSU SCNO President 2023

Claudia H. Lim


Elena DeGennaro - MSU SCNO VP of Human Resources 2023

Elena DeGennaro

Vice President of Human Resources

Ari Shaffar - MSU SCNO VP of Finance 2023

Ari Shaffar

Vice President of Finance

Lily Morelock - MSU SCNO VP of Community Development 2023

Lily Morelock

Vice President of

Community Development

Duy Nguyen - MSU SCNO VP of Marketing 2023

Duy Nguyen

Vice President of Marketing

Drake Castiglia - MSU SCNO VP of External Affairs 2023

Drake Castiglia

Vice President of External Affairs

Samee Himmati - MSU SCNO VP of Internal Affairs 2023

Samee Himmati

Vice President of Internal Affairs

Nathan Dornala - MSU SCNO Project Manager 2023

Nathan Dornala

Project Manager

Dea Cali - MSU SCNO VP of Project Manager 2023

Dea Cali

Project Manager

Sujay Rao - MSU SCNO Project Manager 2023

Sujay Rao

Project Manager

Sophie Xu - MSU SCNO Social Media Chair 2023

Sophie Xu

Project Manager

& Social Media Chair

Arjun Tholakapalli - SCNO Team Lead

Arjun Tholakapalli

Sinan Lal - SCNO Team Lead

Sinan Lal

Samantha Chin - SCNO Team Lead

Samantha Chin

team lead
Haitham Slim - SCNO Team Lead

Haitham Slim

Neel Chandran - SCNO Team Lead

Neel Chandran

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