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what do we do?

SCNO's ultimate goal is to provide our clients with invaluable strategic consulting services to identify opportunities to improve upon their success in the community. However, what form that success takes is unique to each organization.


We pair a dedicated team of five to six consultants with each of our clients and design teams to meet the specific needs of each client. Our goal is to build long-lasting relationships with nonprofits in the community and our value is derived from the application of our members' academic and practical experience in a collaborative team environment to provide strong analysis and generate creative insight.


Each semester, our projects develop implementable solutions to problems facing nonprofits in a wide range of business areas.

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what do we assist with?

who we have helped?
" It was wonderful working with SCNO, and I was amazed by all that was accomplished in a short period of time. The deliverables will be useful for our fundraising efforts moving forward, particularly the research around corporate prospects and the slides about our fund.

Sarah Gettle, One Love Global

To learn more about working with SCNO, please contact Vikram at

Vikram Guruswamy

Vice President of

Community Development

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