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the process

Each semester, we partner with a select number of organizations. Unfortunately, the number of applications and inquiries we receive far exceeds SCNO's capacity for projects in a single semester and we are unable to help every organization that applies. However, organizations should not be discouraged from applying. To facilitate the process, we ask that you submit a client application for your organization by the specified completion date.

The client selection process each semester is extremely competitive–the application is an opportunity to showcase why your organization needs our help and the type of client you will be. We are looking for clients that not only have substantial projects to be worked on but also organizations that want to partner with SCNO. We are looking for strong and consistent communication and an open mind to consider our recommendations. SCNO is looking not just for clients, but for partners. 

After your application is received, our Leadership Team will thoroughly review your entry and consider it for further thought. If selected to move on in the process, you will be invited to share several conversations with different members of SCNO that will serve as the interview process and allow for you to get to know SCNO and us to get to know you. From there, our leadership team will work with you to identify specific needs and projects and determine whether the fit is right.

If it is, your organization will have been selected to work on a semester-long consulting engagement free of charge. You will be assigned a consultant team and project manager to serve as your main contact point and you will move forward based on the needs of your specific project.

Interested in becoming our partners? 

MSU SCNO Organizational Chart
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