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The Spring 2024 Application is now OPEN


SCNO is changing the world, and so you are! Join us on our journey to help the community and grow our nonprofit clients together!

Please email us at should you have questions about the application process.

what we look for?

The driving factor behind SCNO's growth and success is determined by the high standards set by our members.

Every year, SCNO's consultants have been successful in exceeding client expectations and delivering value to projects. Fueling this quality is the thorough recruitment process we go through to bring new consultants into the organization.

Each semester, we look to add elite new consultants from all majors and grade levels. In potential consultants, we look for a number of key traits. Successful applicants typically have a strong academic background, an ability to think outside the box in creative ways, an interest in helping build a developing organization, and leadership potential. There is no requirement surrounding the year in school or major, our focus is putting people in the right roles. In all our consultants, regardless of major or experience, we look for clear thought processes and organized approaches to problem-solving.

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